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It has been quit a busy month for us!  I got a promotion at work (YEAH) that has kept me SUPER busy, I celebrated a birthday (luckily not a big one), and the kids have been so active and cute as ever as you can tell.  Here is a look of just some of our fun for the month!

1.  Lucy has become quit the ham lately.

2.  I made this cute farm cake for a friend at work.  I was really happy with the results.

3.  Jacob and his buddy Sullivan at a baseball game, these two have been buds since the beginning of time.

4.  Checking my work e-mail late one night and after I turned off the computer I thought this made a pretty neat shot.

5.  and 6.  Birthday flowers from my new boss and my sweet husband!  I am truly blessed with wonderful people in my life!

7.  I made a version of Starbucks iced passion tea it was so yummy look for it soon on the blog.

8.  The Easter Bunny brought Lucy and Jacob a new bubble machine needless to say it was a huge hit!

9.  I found these two ancient disks in my desk while I was cleaning some stuff out to prepare for my move to my new desk.  I wanted to see what was on them before tossing but as I stared at my computer to find the slot they would go in I realized my computer does not have one!  I am old!

10.  More fun in the back yard with the bubble machine I may have to go get another one in case this one breaks!

11.  Celebrating a really good friends birthday at Arrington Vineyards.

12.  Lucy with her Easter basket ready for an egg hunt.

13.  Got a haircut and was feeling particularly spunky!

14.  Lucy’s cheese face!

15.  I LOVE spring!

16.  A great group of girls posing at Arrington!


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