August Fun in an instagram


August has come and gone.  I don’t know about you but our August was over the top busy!  As busy as it was it was also very memorable.  Jacob is now in kindergarten which means his whole world has changed.  I must say he has dealt with the change fairly well.  I wish I could same the same for myself.  Our entire routine has made a 180 causing much adjustment on everyone’s part. We are finally settling into our new days which is great!  As we head into September I am super excited to be watching football!  I also can’t help but want to make chili and all things pumpkin!   I will refrain from those two for the time being.  I want to wait at least until October starts!  
1.  On a day off I put together a desk for Jacob’s room so he would have a quite place form homework!
2.  Roses from my sweet husband for our 8th Anniversary!
3.  My sweet Lucy always grabs the shopping bags after I have emptied them and she has to make room for every single one!
4.  I work for a healthcare company and we held a conference for our Chief of Staff Members at the Opryland Hotel.  I was lucky enough to get this room overlooking the Cascades.
5.  We held an awards banquet for our Chief of Staff Members at the Country Music Hall of Fame and the famous Gatlin Brothers performed!
6.  Jacob on his first day of kindergarten.
7.  Jacob’s teacher had this super cute sign hanging on her door and I had to get a picture of it!
8.  Jacob and Gabe walking into the school.
9.  A few days after school start Jacob got to ride the bus for the first time!
10.  The bus will come to everyone’s house but all the kids tend to gravitate toward each other in the morning!  Here is the bus stop gang!
11.  Both kiddos were ill one week this was taken when they were finally feeling better!
12.  Chicken Ranch Pizza this pizza was so amazing!  You must make it and soon!
13.  We finally bit the bullet and replaced our leaky refrigerator.  I must say I am smitten!
14.  Lucy was all smiles one morning!
15.  My first time making homemade tortillas!  They were so much better than the store bought!  
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