October Fun {in an instagram}


Wow!  We have had a super fun and busy October!  We took our babies to the beach for our first family vacation!  We had a few silly moments and we wrapped the month up with a fun Halloween!  Can’t wait to get started on November!

  1. This was when we first arrived!  We had been watching the weather channel like crazy a few days before the trip due to tropical storm Karen.  Luckily, the storm broke up.  It did leave behind some huge waves that you can see in this picture.
  2. Lucy loved the beach!  We brought a blow-up pool for her to play in.  It was a big hit!
  3. Jacob and I having some time alone on the beach while Lucy was napping.
  4. Jacob LOVED playing in the sand!
  5. I had to mark our trip with a message in the sand!
  6. Gabe’s parents joined us for a few days which meant we got to get out and have some fun one night!
  7. Sweet Lucy!
  8. Even after being together non-stop for a week they still managed to love each other!
  9. We got the kids up at 5am to leave for the long drive home.  They both stayed awake pretty much for the entire 8 hour drive…until we got 30 miles from out exit!  Go figure!!
  10. Say cheese!
  11. Got back to reality with my first PSL of the season!
  12. The next weekend Gabe and I went to the Tennessee/South Carolina Game to celebrate a friends birthday!
  13. Came home to this HUGE caterpillar on my window.  I sure wish I could have seen the butterfly!
  14. My co-worker, Tammy, raved about the chicken nachos from the Rolling Feast food truck so of course I had to try them.  She was right, they were amazing!  Nashvillian’s you must give them a try!
  15. We took Lucy to get fitted for glasses.  She looks so adorable.  Now if I can just figure out how to get her to keep them on.  We are failing miserably at this right now:(
  16. One night we decided to have BLT’s for dinner so I decided to cut the bacon and weave it to make it fit the bread.  I worked great!
  17. Jacob running fast!
  18. When we got back from our trip and  the weather got down into the high twenties at night which meant I had to go through the kids clothes and get some fall cleaning done.  It took the entire weekend.  This beer  was well deserved!  The chipped nail polish shows my hard work!
  19. That night we had chicken ranch pizza.  It’s still my favorite dinner at the moment!!
  20. Getting ready for the holidays with these red velvet whoopie pies!
  21. This was Jacob’s design choice for this years pumpkin.  He is so into Star Wars right now.  Makes me so happy!
  22. What’s a  storm trooper pumpkin without the storm trooper!
  23. Lucy was Tinker Bell.  She wasn’t really into the wings or wand.  Maybe next year.
  24. I actually made her costume.  It was pretty easy to do and she can use it to play dress up.
  25. I painted this picture for our den.  I think it turned out pretty good!

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