Hello there!  My name is Miranda and I am the author, recipe sharer, photographer and face behind this blog!  I have a wonderful family with 2 great children, Jacob (11) and Lucy (7), and one terrific husband, Gabe.  He makes me coffee every morning so I think I’ll keep him!  All together we make busy life full of activities and adventures.  I am a full time working momma who is always trying to keep myself and my family together through whatever thing’s life throw our way.  It’s a hard job but I am so thankful it’s my job!



Food is my passion so I love to cook and bake!  We have tried all the recipes you will find on this blog.  My people unanimously approved all!  I love to recreate and put a spin on traditional dishes and creating my own recipes.  You will see quite a few families recipes that has been handed down throughout the year that will not need to be tweaked or changed.  Why change a recipe that’s been loved by all for many years?



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