BBQ Chicken Pizza

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Now that all the hustle and bustle has come to an end it’s back to reality!  As we reflect on the year that is about to pass, I can’t help but think how quickly it goes by.  I start thinking about the year ahead and how I can change and improve different elements in my life.  One of the main things that I will be working on is organization!  I am naturally a free-spirit and have never really lived by the confines of a regimen, having a daily schedule or to-do list is something a bit foreign to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have made lists before as well as to-do list, but I have never made a to-do list for my to-do list or really stuck to it!  This is something I am about to change!  I am actually excited in many ways.  One of the main reasons for this new found organization is to not let things sneak up on me at the last minute then scuffle to get it all together, I have done this all year – not cool.  What are some things that you will try to improve upon in the coming year? 
Now to the pizza!  I make pizza at least once every two-week if not every week.  I always have my favorite pizza dough on hand in the freezer.  I love BBQ chicken pizza it’s one of my very favorites!  Aside from my Chicken Ranch Pizza this one comes in at a close second!  I like to use homemade bbq sauce for this pizza but any will do.  I hope you enjoy this pizza as much as we do!


2/3 cup chicken, cooked and chopped
1/2 to 2/3 cup of shredded cheddar and Monterey jack cheese
1/3 cup red onion, thinly sliced
1/4 cup bbq sauce
1 tbsp. fresh cilantro, chopped
Place a baking stone on the lower rack of the oven.  Preheat the oven to 500 degrees for at least 30  minutes.
Shape the pizza dough into a 12-inch round shape.  Transfer the dough to a piece of parchment paper.  Spread the bbq sauce evenly over the bottom of the pizza crust.  Evenly layer the chicken, red onions and cheese.  Using the back of a cutting board or a pizza peel carefully transfer the parchment paper onto the baking stone.  Bake for 18-20 minutes.  Let the pizza cool for a minute or two before slicing.
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