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While I am working on some tasty recipes for future posts, I thought this would be a good time to share my trip to NYC.  

I have been to New York City before, but it has been about 15 years (gasp) since my last trip.  The first time I visited NYC, it was love at first sight.  I could not get enough of this city – it is absolutely magical.  On my first two trips, I was more of a tourist.  I had to ask people directions, wasn’t sure how to hail a cab, and maybe got a little lost.  This trip was a totally different experience.  I went with my friend, Kristin, who actually lived in the city for a few years, so it was like I had my own personal guide to show me how to be a real New Yorker.    Blah..blah..blah..enough of the back story.  Here are some fun and exciting things we did:

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Cantina Laredo’s Valentine’s Day Menu & A Giveaway!! WINNER ANNOUNCED

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This past Monday, I was invited along with other members from the Nashville Food Bloggers, of which I am now a proud member of (HAPPY DANCE!) to sample Cantina Laredo’s Valentine’s Day Menu.  This also was my first time at the restaurant.  Cantina Laredo is what I would like to call a “Modern” Mexicanstyle restaurant with a very vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere.  They have 2 “Tres Course” Menus that are reasonably priced at $17.99 per person.  On their regular dinner menu, they offer dishes like Enchiladas De Avocado: avocado and artichoke enchiladas with a tomatillo sauce over a bed of spinach; Enchiladas De CANGREjO: Lump crab enchiladas with spicy chili de arbol cream sauce on a bed of vinaigrette marinated vegetables; and one that I will have to try on my next visit TACOS DE CARNITAS: Slow-roasted pork with chipotle wine sauce. YUM!  I was able to meet both the General Manager, Matt Langston and the Executive Chef, Josh Santiago. They were both wonderful and very passionate about the restaurant and what it has to offer.

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