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While I am working on some tasty recipes for future posts, I thought this would be a good time to share my trip to NYC.  

I have been to New York City before, but it has been about 15 years (gasp) since my last trip.  The first time I visited NYC, it was love at first sight.  I could not get enough of this city – it is absolutely magical.  On my first two trips, I was more of a tourist.  I had to ask people directions, wasn’t sure how to hail a cab, and maybe got a little lost.  This trip was a totally different experience.  I went with my friend, Kristin, who actually lived in the city for a few years, so it was like I had my own personal guide to show me how to be a real New Yorker.    Blah..blah..blah..enough of the back story.  Here are some fun and exciting things we did:


First of all, we didn’t stay in a hotel.  We rented an apartment through VRBO.  This was one of the best decisions of the trip.  The apartment was located in Korea Town which is pretty centrally located, very clean, and the owner was really great!



After we arrived and got our bearings, we were starved – so obviously – pizza!  We went to Little Italy Pizza were I had the best pizza ever (or maybe I was just starved)!  I highly recommended this pizza joint.  It was really good, and their prices were great.  I got a slice and a beer for about $10. 


That evening, we went out for dinner and drinks with Kristin’s friend Jocelyn at The Vine.   Happy hour was in full swing and the place was packed full of local New Yorkers.  The food was amazing and the drinks were crafted.   The Vine is a little pricey but well worth it!

After dinner at The Vine, we headed over to the East Village to a little pub called Double Wide Bar & Southern Kitchen.  When we arrived, trivia was about to start, so we happily joined in (go Team Nashville!).  I did find out that New Yorkers are serious about their trivia.   If you are in New York and want to get away from the crowd, this is the place to be!  



The next day was rainy but luckily, I was prepared!  We meet Jocelyn for brunch at NORMA’S @ Le Parker Meridien Hotel.  This was seriously The.Best.Brunch.Ever.  As you can see, we ordered almost one of everything (just kidding…almost).  I recommend the Crunchy French Toast and the Potato Pancakes.


After brunch, we strolled around Midtown for a bit, then went in to Tiffany’s and saw some pretty stunning diamonds.  Of course, I had to get a picture with this sign “Ring Twice for Miranda”.  Sorry that it’s a little blurry.

That evening I was on my own.  Kristin and Jocelyn had plans to go see “Hello Dolly”. One of the places I knew I absolutely had to visit was Eataly Flatiron.  This place was simply amazing, and everywhere I turned, there was a new section to explore.  Eataly is home to 6 restaurants and multiple counters.  Weaved in between all these restaurants, you will find anything from freshly made pasta to fresh meat and seafood.  And lets not forget about the pastries and gelato.  This was by far my favorite spot of the entire trip!


The last full day we were there, Kristin and I went on the Staten Island Ferry , then ventured over to Stone Street.  You will find some of the best places to eat and drink on this narrow cobblestone street located in the heart of the Financial District.  


We ended up at Stone Street Tavern were I ordered the mushroom swiss burger and Kristin ordered poutine.  Both were so good!  

OK, one last spot.  I was on my own a bit one morning, and stumbled (literally) onto this place called, The Donut Pub.  I mean how can you not visit a place with a name as cute as this, right?  Is it bad, I almost want to pay a lot of money to have some of these delicious donuts shipped to me?

We ended our trip with a visit to Central Park before heading to the airport.  This trip was amazing and I can’t wait to go back!  “New York, New York…it’s a wonderful town!”







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